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Prepositional phrase (предложный оборот)

Prepositional phrase: один из пяти основных видов словосочетаний (phrases), имеющих внутреннюю структуру:

(Premodifier) + Preposition + Complement

(just) after the game

Комплементом предложного оборота, как правило, является noun phrase:

in London, around the world, across our street, through the open window

prepositional phrase: A phrase consisting of a preposition (for example, to) followed by a noun phrase (or a nominal clause), for example to my best friend. Prepositional phrases have two important functions in grammar: (a) they can act as postmodifiers in a noun phrase (for example, the oldest member of my family); (b) they can also act as adverbials, specifying, for example, the time or place of an action or situation described in the rest of the clause: The train will start its journey at midnight. It will leave from platform four. A GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR

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