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Adverb phrase (наречное словосочетание)

Adverb phrase один из пяти основных видов словосочетаний (phrases), имеющих внутреннюю структуру:

Premodifier + Adverb + Postmodifier

very quickly indeed

Adverb phrase (AdvP): One of the five major phrase types. The head is an adverb, and this is sometimes accompanied by one or more modifiers. In the following examples, the phrase is in bold and the head is underlined. Premodifiers are usually degree adverbs (The women had behaved very stupidly). Postmodifiers can be adverbs (Writing screenplays is something the British do very badly indeed) or prepositional phrases (They understood each other too well for comfort). The Routledge Dictionary of English Language Studies

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