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Adjective phrase (словосочетание с прилагательным / адъективное словосочетание)

Adjective phrase: один из пяти основных видов словосочетаний (phrases), имеющих внутреннюю структуру:

Premodifier + Adjective + Postmodifier very reluctant to leave

An adjective phrase is a phrase in which an adjective is the head or main word. The simplest kind of adjective phrase is one which consists simply of an adjective, as in The meeting was noisy. An adjective phrase can be made more complex by adding modifiers (especially degree adverbs) before the adjective: The meeting was very/too noisy. Also, the adjective can be followed by other words which modify or complement the meaning of the adjective: too poor to feed themselves; too early for breakfast; useful enough; funnier than the last show; and so on. A GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR

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