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Как улучшить навыки аудирования, как развивать устную речь. Выбор и обсуждение упражнений по аудированию на английском языке.

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Сообщение gavenkoa » 15 июн 2019, 19:22

I was fascinated by podcast and yet need to start with

I don't remember how I grabbed those series from internet. I had one directory named "SYSK_1st_100", which probably comes from some torrent and other with direct links to mp3 files for up to 2008 year.

I searched for domain with this links and found page

It has links to feeds which are used by iTune and other proprietary / online platforms to play audio.

I searched for podcast name, like "Stuff Mom Never Told You", get feed link, like ... ld-you.rss, downloaded it and extracted links to mp3 file, which are hidden in text like:

Код: Выделить всё

<enclosure url="" length="0" type="audio/mpeg"/>
After that you put these links to downloader and after several hours will have 1000 episodes for your favorite mp3 player ))

It is slight abuse of EULA as probably they mp3 owner wants you to listen to it via certain player with advertisement. On other hand those mp3 are specifically left unrestricted ))


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