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Could a native English speaker say whether the following letter looks understable and non-ambiguous.

The Department Permitting and Licensing Activities of Ministry of *some country*, within its competence, examined the application of *some LLC* (ref. no. 1 of 01.01.2018) on importing a batch of transformers in *some country*, namely the transormers Nos. *transormer sirial numbers and brand name* according to the contract No.1 of 01.01.2010 concluded with *some other LLC*, and gives its opinon.
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Department of
of Ministry X
не понимаю "within its competence" м.б. purview?
application to import a shipment of
into "some country"
specifically transformers Nos.
in accordance with contract

Department ... examined ... and gives ?? почему gives?
отсутствует инфо без кот. не могу перевести. Напр.
examined ... and gave
has examined ... and has given
has examined ... and within this document gives

gives/presents/offers/announces/delares/publishes и пр. варианты в звисимости от более широкого контекста.ж
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